How to install and use Tacview with Enemy Engaged – Comanche vs. Hokum?

Setup Tacview

Tacview installation is automatic and straightforward:

  1. Download Tacview (0.94 or greater required)
  2. Launch the installer

Install EECH Maps for Tacview

You also need to download and install EECH's maps for Tacview:

  1. Download EECH for Tacview (by Arneh)
  2. Unpack all .HGT files into %TacviewFolder%\Data\Terrain\EECH

Setup EECH

EECH 1.12 and Tacview 0.94
EECH 1.12 and Tacview 0.94

Thanks to Arne Martin Güettler aka "Arneh" great work, EECH 1.12 is able to export flight recordings in Tacview format.

  1. Download and install the latest version of EECH (1.12 or greater required)
  2. Set tacview_logging in eech.ini to one of the following values:
    • 3 will log everything that happens from the moment the campaign starts.
    • 2 will only start logging once you start a mission, and will only log units which are close to your helicopter.
    • 1 log mode will also not show enemy units which are not yet discovered, so it will not "spoil" the campaign for you if you don't want to know where all enemy units are.
  3. Flight recordings will be generated in the folder \cohokum\tacview-logs\

Your flight recordings are now ready to be opened in Tacview!