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Version française English version Tacview - Universal Flight Analysis Tool

At last an ACMI for Lock-On!

This powerful tool will enable you to record any flight... To review, analyze and understand what really happened!

F-16C CAS Su-25 Strategic view Cockpit view

ACMI is an acronym which stands for: Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation. It is a modern tool used for air combat training in simulations as well as in real life.

This is a system which enables you to follow - in real time - aircraft maneuvers during air combat engagements. This tool is very effective in helping you to understand your errors and rapidly improve your flight and combat skills.

Here are some examples: anglais ACMI inc. anglais Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag


NOTICE: Tacview will NEVER work with Lock-On: Modern Air Combat 1.0, this is a Lock-On limitation.

How it works?

Before using Tacview, ensure that you own at least the following minimal configuration:
(Tacview can still work, but is not supported on lower PC configurations)

Launch Tacview then select [Record Flaming Cliffs/Black Shark Flights] command from the main toolbar to install the export script. You can then close Tacview and do a mission in your favorite flight simulator.

If for any reason the export script automatic installation does not work, you can try the manual procedure: DCS: A-10C Warthog 1.1, DCS: Black Shark 1.0, Lock-On: Flaming Cliffs 1.1 and 1.2.

During each flight, Tacview logger take note of each unit position and each associated event. There is no noticeable frame-rate decrease during flight recording.

When the flight ends, exit Lock-On, launch Tacview, then open one of the flight records saved in \My Documents\Tacview\ folder. You will recognize your flight mission and all participating units. Some events are guessed by Tacview because Lock-On does not tell it everything... This can lead to some imprecision. This is normal and this does not alter the flight analysis experience.

NOTICE: In network games, the host must set allow_object_export = true in network.cfg in order to allow Tacview recording on clients computers.

What are the main controls?

Since most of the features are obvious, are a list of the most important controls:

  • 3D View: Ctrl + Left Click => Select primary object from the 3D view
  • 3D View: Ctrl + Right Click => Select secondary object from the 3D view
  • Flight Log: Double Click => Go to event and select associated objects
  • Objects Lists: Shift + Left Click => Select object and go to its creation time if required
  • 3D View: Mouse Wheel + {Drag} => Backward/Forward in time
  • 3D View: Left / Right => Backward/Forward in time
  • 3D View: Space Bar => Play/Pause
  • 3D View: Mouse Left + {Drag} => Rotate around selected object(s) / Turn head
  • 3D View: Mouse Right + {Drag} => Zoom In/Out
  • 3D View: Mouse Wheel => Zoom In/Out
  • Free Camera: Arrows => Move camera
  • Free Camera: Mouse Wheel => Move camera fast
  • Free Camera: Shift + {Move}=> Move camera faster
  • Info: + Button => Center the camera between the two selected objects (useful for dog-fights and others combat)
  • Info: Info Button => Swap the two selected objects

What are the planned improvements?

Please refer to the FAQ about Tacview 2.0.